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An app a day keeps the doc away

“There is, however, a gadget you can strap around your head to harness your brainwaves. ‘You just have to concentrate,’ says Steve Castellotti, the founder of PuzzleBox, snapping a black band around my head. A sensor node rests on my forehead, a device is clipped to my ear. Castellotti taps on a computer. ‘Ready.’

My brow furrows, my eyes squint and hey presto, a toy helicopter buzzes upwards, controlled by my thoughts. The device works by measuring brainwave electroencephalogram and heartbeat electrocardio-graphy. Seconds later the helicopter plunges. I lost concentration.

The point of the software, says Andrea Shukis of NeuroSky, which has partnered with PuzzleBox on the brain-controlled helicopter, is to teach the value of concentration and focus. ‘You can use it to teach children and to help adults keep their brains active.’”

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