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Puzzlebox Telekinesis is community-based project to design and build custom-fit EEG headsets suitable for steering machines, playing videos games, and typing messages with brainwaves. We supply instructions and materials which can be assembled at home using common, every-day tools. All necessary software is available free of charge and published under open source licenses.

Left/Right steering with Motor Imagery

Left/Right steering with Motor Imagery

Adjustable tension

Adjustable tension

Custom fit

Custom fit

A variety of styles are available depending on the type of interaction desired, signal quality, and personal comfort.

NeuroTechX collaborators at Noisebridge

Noisebridge, Mission District, San Francisco

Telekinesis AGM PCB

Several innovations and direct contributions stemmed from the San Francisco chapter of NeuroTechX. Informal “Hack Nights” began in the summer of 2015, following a successful group installation at the Exploratorium Museum at the start of the year.

EMG training using physical movement

Motor Imagery training using EEG

Motor Imagery training at NeuroTechX

NeuroTechX Meetup @ Indiegogo

2016 Specification

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