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(edit) @aa9acb6   8 years sc - screw hole size increased
(edit) @7868465   8 years sc - screw holes added so that an inset is present to hide head of screw
(edit) @c2cf7f2   8 years sc - working on command line control
(edit) @18a0139   8 years sc - Servo base for brake
(edit) @b821883   9 years sc Car Demo: - initial commit (ported from Protocol_Orbit)
(edit) @22f9fdc   9 years sc - Final version for SfN 2013
(edit) @b6223b7   9 years sc Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
(edit) @67ae799   9 years sc - added manual slide codes
(edit) @ddef490   9 years sc - removed symlink
(edit) @7f0fdd6   9 years sc - Integrated with Puzzlebox Jigsaw
(edit) @044275d   9 years sc - initial checkin
(edit) @29b9de0   9 years sc - Final version for live control at Sudo Room 2013.08.11
(edit) @799ebc8   9 years sc - First working version for hold-release
(edit) @297fcbb   9 years sc - turned off hardware flow control
(edit) @f88941a   9 years sc - testControl() finished
(edit) @4996638   9 years sc - Drive forward loop working
(edit) @de50de9   9 years sc drive_forward: - finished reference version
(edit) @1b58366   9 years sc drive_forward: - Initial Checkin - most basic functionality for …
(edit) @87bbd88   9 years sc robotpower11.pde: - Initial checkin - Appears to be the latest version of …
(edit) @cd4f159   9 years sc - minor whitespace and indentation cleanup
(edit) @19c8d3e   9 years sc Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
(edit) @98791c8   9 years sc Wheelchair_Control: - added deviceKeepalive callback timer
(edit) @9757141   9 years sc Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
(edit) @d75471a   9 years sc 5x5-Linux-Slow.prm: - Reasonable speed for McHawking? testing
(edit) @24bf8e2   9 years sc DoraReceive?: - Exception catching for bad datagram
(edit) @16b98d5   9 years sc - removed .pyc
(edit) @9bf1fe2   9 years sc python/udp: - Updated to match lilia
(edit) @f85088d   9 years sc Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
(edit) @c018147   9 years sc broadcast_simulate: - initial checkin - generates a random control …
(edit) @1b1715a   9 years sc - missing Arduino device handled gracefully (for debugging)
(edit) @d00a10b   9 years sc 5x5-Linux.prm: - initial checkin
(edit) @b823c6b   9 years sc scripts/ - Initial checking
(edit) @333f492   9 years mg config files
(edit) @d4492f6   9 years mg continuous sequence
(edit) @adf4715   9 years mg initial commit
(edit) @4295b39   9 years sc - Removed src tree
(add) @6a76f6a   9 years sc Initial commit
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