Pyramid Firward Installation Procedure

Set up Arduino Software

Arduino's own documentation is the best source for learning how to download and install their software

USB Driver for Pyramid

This driver will need to be installed on your system in order for your Puzzlebox Pyramid to be visible to the Arduino software.

FTDI USB Serial Driver

Installing Libraries

You will need to install and handful of Arduino libraries in order to compile and upload new Puzzlebox Pyramid software. Documentation for installing Arduino libraries can be found here on the Arduino website.

Currently the list of libraries include:

For convenience each of this libraries has been mirrored here on the Puzzlebox Pyramid tracker, available through the source browser

You may need to re-launch the Arduino software after new libraries are installed.

Pyramid Firmware

The latest stable production release (v1.2.1) is available here. (Click "Download in Original Format" at bottom of web page)

The latest development version is available here. (Click "Download in Original Format" at bottom of web page)

You may receive a message that says "The file "Puzzlebox_Pyramid.ino" needs to be inside a sketch folder named 'Puzzlebox_Pyramid'. Create this folder, move the file, and continue?" Simply click "OK" to proceed.

Uploading Software

Plug the Pyramid into the Computer using a USB Cable.

From the Arduino Tool Bar Select:

  1. Tools ---> Board ---> Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK
  2. Tools ---> Serial Port ---> /dev/tty.usbserial-Axxxxxxx

Note: The exact letters and numbers represented by the "xxxxxxx"'s above will vary from Pyramid to Pyramid.

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