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  • Puzzlebox Glass Goggles

    Puzzlebox wishes to propose a new concept interface for Augmented Reality systems such as Google’s Project Glass: Youtube: Puzzlebox Glass Goggles Demonstration Our demonstration features an Android application which uses a reverse-engineered version of Google’s “Goggles” API (which technically has not yet been made available to the public) to perform an image-recognition search on photos captured automatically […]

  • The Raht Racer

    The Raht Racer: Exercise While Commuting

    Featured on Kickstarter! Ride in comfort to the office each the morning, then get in your workout while trapped in gridlock on the way home, and pocket the time and fees spent on that gym membership. The experience of bike commuting, previously reserved for the most dedicated sub-culture of cyclist is now open to the […]

  • Puzzlebox Pyrokinesis

    Pyrokinesis 2.0 Puzzlebox has completed an update to last year’s Pyrokinesis art installation. This new version of brain-controlled pyrotechnics has been redesigned to be easily portable and relies on simple Android and Arduino hardware to operate a servo motor connected to what is essentially an over-sized Bunsen burner. Unfortunately we will not be releasing open documentation or software for this particular project due […]

  • Guinness World Record

    On March 17, 2011, software engineered by Puzzlebox was successfully used to establish a new Guinness World Record during a filming of the season finale of UK’s The Gadget Show. In association with our partners at NeuroSky, MindWave EEG headsets were employed by the hosts of the show to control a crane weighing over 60 tons, picking up and maneuvering a car across […]

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