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Puzzlebox Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis 2.0

Puzzlebox has completed an update to last year’s Pyrokinesis art installation. This new version of brain-controlled pyrotechnics has been redesigned to be easily portable and relies on simple Android and Arduino hardware to operate a servo motor connected to what is essentially an over-sized Bunsen burner. Unfortunately we will not be releasing open documentation or software for this particular project due to the implicit risk of working with open flames, but we are pleased to offer live demonstrations where and when appropriate and safe.


Pyrokinesis 1.0

Puzzlebox would like to thank members of the Flaming Lotus Girls (FLG) for the opportunity to integrate brainwave control of flame effects during a portion of the premiere of Tympani Lambada, their latest fire sculpture.

Puzzlebox Pyrokinesis is a specialized version of Puzzlebox Brainstorms which issues RS-485 control commands to individual solenoid-based poofers. A “poofer” collects, releases, and combusts gaseous fuel. Poofers are located at 14 points along each of the two archs found on the sculpture. Either arch can be controlled individually to produce various effects whose intensity increases proportionately to a user’s mental state of concentration and/or meditation, as measured by a NeuroSky MindWave EEG headset.

For example, the “bridge” effect starts at one end of an arch and every few seconds a number of poofers are activated, corresponding to user’s focus. As higher levels of attention are maintained that number increases until fireballs are produced across the entire arch. Likewise the “center” effect starts at the middle of an arch and proceeds outward in both directions based on realtime measurements. Alternatively, any individual poofer’s solenoid can be activated manually for testing purposes.

More information about the elegant design and masterful engineering, building, and installation of Tympani Lambada can be found on their kickstarter page. If you would like to support their ongoing and future efforts please donate to FLG!

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