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Guinness World Record

On March 17, 2011, software engineered by Puzzlebox was successfully used to establish a new Guinness World Record during a filming of the season finale of UK’s The Gadget Show. In association with our partners at NeuroSkyMindWave EEG headsets were employed by the hosts of the show to control a crane weighing over 60 tons, picking up and maneuvering a car across a warehouse, all using the power of their minds.

The software was custom-designed for the occasion, working in coordination with an engineering team from Loughborough University to manipulate the crane’s controls, based on the levels of concentration and focus of the hosts’ brainwaves.

Guinness World Record

Readers in the UK can view the complete television episode which aired April 12, 2011 online here

And finally here is NeuroSky’s own press release

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