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Announcing: Puzzlebox Synapse

Puzzlebox has released a new software application “Puzzlebox Synapse” which connects to commercially available consumer EEG headsets, displays live data back to the user, and relays the data collected over a network or the internet.

This release focuses on parsing live EEG data from the NeuroSky MindSet in realtime over Bluetooth and transmitting the data in the standard ThinkGear Connect JSON format. This release allows execution of software designed for NeuroSky’s MindSet on any supported Operating System, including Linux.

Features include:

– Complete GUI interface written using the Qt Framework
– A NeuroSky MindSet emulator is built into the software to aid in software development
– A debug console displays the raw signal values back to the user
– A RPM package for installation under Linux distributions such as Fedora is included
– A self-installing Windows .exe package is included for current versions of Windows including XP, Vista, and Windows 7
– Implements the complete current ThinkGear Socket Protocol specification [2010-06-28 R2.1]


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