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Puzzlebox Orbit: Credits

Developers, Hackers, and Contributors

Hao Zhang (a.k.a “Azureviolin”) – Website:
Jonathon Horsman – Website:

We would like to extend a special thanks to our Kickstarter backers

(All names are shared only after having received explicit consent from each individual)

BJ Tomiko
Bailey and Brayden Yoong Policarpio
Barbara Castellotti
Benjamin Juang
Benoit “British” E.
Berkan Bee Birol
Bhavin Patidar MD
Caleb R. Hopkins
Chris L. York
Chris Wright
Christien Rioux
Christopher T. Baker
Craig Bovaird
Dan Chartier, Ph.D.
Daniel Ford
Dennis Tuchalski
Dr. Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi
Erick Gonzalez Castañeda
Henrique Della Manna
James Brett Sloan
James Castellotti
James Parkinson
Jason Asbahr
Jimmy Ku
John Alan-Winston McIntosh II
Joshua David Wilcox
Joël Kwan
Justin Rising
Kenny C
Kyle Air Lovett
Kévin Jacquemin
Luis F. Bitencourt-Emilio
Makoto Miura
Martin Dominique Gagnon
Nathan Johndro
Reed Morse
Robb Olson
Robert A. Lee
Robert Gavila
Ron J
Roy Yu
Tara E. Johnson
The MacKinnon Family
Tolu Bukola
Yuri J. Quesnel

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