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Becoming an iOS Beta Tester for Puzzlebox Orbit

Joining the Team

  • While we wait for Apple to approve our iOS application for Puzzlebox Orbit, we would like to extend an invitation to our Kickstarter backers and early adopters to join our beta testing team.
  • We are using a popular, free tool called TestFlight for helping us to distribute our application to our beta testers
  • Through this program, we are limited to 100 beta testers at any one time
  • Please note: After our app becomes available in the App Store in order to make room on our beta tester team we will begin clearing out users who have not reported feedback in our Forums or Development Tracker

Getting your UUID

  • After you have joined our team, we will need to add the UUID from your iOS device to our developer profile, so it can be tracked as 1 of the 100 available beta testing accounts
  • A popular tool for retrieving and submitting the UUID from an iOS device is called "UUIDViewer" and is available as a free download from the App Store

  • After your UUID is displayed press the "send UUID via mail" button
  • Please send the email with your UUID to support@… (the domain is "" for those of you who can't see the full address because you are not logged in to the development tracker)

Receive your beta tester invitation

  • After receiving your UUID email, we at Puzzlebox have to enter every UUID we receive manually into our Apple developer profile, generate a file, and update our TestFlight account. This may take some time depending on our current workload, so please be patient.
  • Once we have added your UUID to our account, you should receive an email inviting you to install the Puzzlebox Orbit application

  • Click the link to being the install process

Install the Puzzlebox Orbit application

  • Safari will open to the install page below
  • Click Install

  • The Puzzlebox Orbit application is signed with an "Ad Hoc" developer profile, which will need to be manually imported into your device. Click the "Install Provisioning Profile" button to proceed.

  • You will automatically be taken into the Setting menu, with the Provisioning menu open
  • Click Install

  • To confirm permission, click "Install Now"

  • Once the profile has been imported you can click "Done" and return to Safari

  • Click the green "Install" button on the "Install App" menu now that the provisioning profile has been imported
  • Click Install to proceed

  • The Puzzlebox Orbit application will begin installing on your system

  • Once the installation is complete you are ready to begin flying your Puzzlebox Orbit

Operating the Puzzlebox Orbit Application