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    2828After download the firmware to Uno, and wire everything up, if the helicopter still don't fly, you need to use a camera (except iphone camera) to look at the IR LED, make sure it's blinking. ALso, remember you may need to point the IR LED to the IR receiver(a little black plastic square) on the helicopter. 
     30= Hacking IR Dongle Audio Jack version = 
     32The Audio Jack IR Dongle is produced by [ UPRtek], and they have published their official [ Android App] and [ iOS App] 
     34They use their own chip to process the audio wave. There's no way to figure out what's inside. 
     36However, we only need to follow the same rules of the IR remote version, with minor change, and it should work. 
     38Each command consists of 31 bits (including the leading 2 special period bits), the structure is explained in detail on [ our instructables] 
     40There are only 2 differences in the Audio Jack version: 
     42 * The remote version use  {HIGH=0.715ms, LOW=0.759ms} to be "1", { HIGH =0.377ms, LOW=0.422ms} to be "0", but the Audio version use '''{ HIGH=0.55ms, LOW=1.01ms}''' to be "'''1'''", '''{HIGH = 0.25ms, LOW=0.56ms}''' to be "'''0'''". 
     43 * The remote version use 38kHz as carrier, the Audio version use 21kHz as carrier. 
     45Remember there should be some space between two commands, from 30ms to 80ms.