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Puzzlebox Orbit - Instruction Manual: Android

Preparing the Puzzlebox Orbit

  • You'll need to charge bother the Orbit helicopter and the infrared dongle using the included USB charging cable.
  • Then the IR dongle is plugged into the headphone jack of your Android device.
  • Next, turn the volume up all the way. You need to do this after plugging in the headphone adapter.

Connecting to the NeuroSky EEG MindWave Mobile

  • Now you can turn on Bluetooth and pair your NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset with your device.

Download the Puzzlebox Orbit software from Google Play

  • Once your EEG headset is paired you can start the Puzzlebox Orbit software from the Google Play store and press "Connect" to start reading your brainwaves.
  • There's a green "Signal" bar which needs to fill up complete. It is based off the point of contact on the ear clip of the EEG headset.
  • Finally your brainwaves should start appearing as red for Attention and blue for Meditation.
  • You should see slider buttons which can be used to adjust your target level.
  • When you cross that target level, the signal will be sent to the Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter to take off.
  • You'll see a blue light appear on the IR dongle when it is activated.

Flying the Puzzlebox Orbit

  • There is a power switch on the helicopter itself. After a couple minutes the helicopter may time out if no control signal is received. Simply power the helicopter off and back on again.
  • The Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter also features a "safety mode" which is triggered whenever the helicopter crashes or the propeller blades are physically interrupted while in motion. To restore flight simply power cycle the helicopter (power off and back on again).