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    44== Preparing the Puzzlebox Orbit == 
    6 * You'll need to charge bother the Orbit helicopter and the infrared dongle using the included USB charging cable. 
     6* The first step before using your Puzzlebox Orbit is charge both the Orbit helicopter as well as the infrared dongle using the included USB charging cable 
    8 * Then the IR dongle is plugged into the headphone jack of your Android device. 
     8* A red light will appear inside the USB cable itself when a connected device is fully charged 
    10 * Next, turn the volume up all the way. You need to do this after plugging in the headphone adapter. 
     11== Download the Puzzlebox Orbit software from Google Play == 
     13* Click the following link or search for "Puzzlebox Orbit" in the Google Play store: 
     17[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-01.png, 400px)]] 
     19* You will need to accept the security permissions to allow the Puzzlebox Orbit software to communicate over Bluetooth with your !NeuroSky !MindWave EEG headset 
     21[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-02.png, 400px)]] 
     23* It is recommend to select "Allow automatic updating" as the Puzzlebox Orbit software will be updated frequently include new features and add support for more devices 
     25[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-03.png, 400px)]] 
     27* The Puzzlebox Orbit software should now be installed 
     29[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-04.png, 400px)]] 
     32== Connecting the Infrared Dongle to your Android Device == 
     34* The infrared ("IR") dongle should be plugged into the headphone jack of your Android device 
     36* Because control commands are issued to the IR dongle through the audio port, it is necessary to turn the volume up to the maximum level. You may see a warning message during this procedure, which can safely be ignored. 
    1238[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-08.png, 400px)]] 
     40* Ensure the volume is at maximum after connecting the IR adapter. If you set the volume prior to plugging in the IR adapter you may only be setting the internal speaker volume, and not the headphone jack volume. 
    1442[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-09.png, 400px)]] 
     44* '''NOTE''' If your Android device features a sound enhancer (such as "Beats Audio") this must be disabled in your sound settings 
    1647== Connecting to the !NeuroSky EEG !MindWave Mobile == 
    18 * Now you can turn on Bluetooth and pair your !NeuroSky !MindWave Mobile EEG headset with your device. 
     49* If you have not already, please enable Bluetooth and pair your !NeuroSky !MindWave Mobile EEG headset with your device. 
    2051[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-05.png, 400px)]] 
    2455[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-07.png, 400px)]] 
    26 == Download the Puzzlebox Orbit software from Google Play == 
    28 * [ Google Play download link] 
     58== Using the Puzzlebox Orbit software == 
    30 [[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-01.png, 400px)]] 
    32 [[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-02.png, 400px)]] 
    34 [[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-03.png, 400px)]] 
    36 [[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-04.png, 400px)]] 
    38 * Once your EEG headset is paired you can start the Puzzlebox Orbit software from the Google Play store and press "Connect" to start reading your brainwaves. 
     60* Once your EEG headset is paired you can start the Puzzlebox Orbit software 
    4062[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-10.png, 400px)]] 
    42 * There's a green "Signal" bar which needs to fill up complete. It is based off the point of contact on the ear clip of the EEG headset. 
     64* Press "Connect" to start receiving data from the EEG headset 
     66* Notice the green "Signal" bar. This measures the contact quality between the ear clip and your skin. 
    4468[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-11.png, 400px)]] 
     70* The Signal bar must fill completely in order for your brainwaves to be processed accurately 
     72* If the green Signal bar does not appear or does not fill you can try moistening your earlobe with water or use an alcohol swab on the EEG sensors. It is not recommended to use water on the EEG headset 
    4674[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-12.png, 400px)]] 
    48 * Finally your brainwaves should start appearing as red for Attention and blue for Meditation. 
     76* When a clean Signal has been established, your brainwaves will be graphed in red for Attention and blue for Meditation 
     78* Slider buttons are included on the Attention and Meditation progress bars and serve as targets for those respective mental states 
    5080[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-13.png, 400px)]] 
    52 * You should see slider buttons which can be used to adjust your target level. 
    54 * When you cross that target level, the signal will be sent to the Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter to take off. 
     82* When your brainwaves are detected as having crossed either target threshold, a control signal will be sent to the Puzzlebox Orbit to take off 
    5684[[Image(wiki:Attachments:instruction_manual-android-14.png, 400px)]] 
    58 * You'll see a blue light appear on the IR dongle when it is activated. 
    62 == Flying the Puzzlebox Orbit == 
     87== Additional notes on flying the Puzzlebox Orbit == 
    6489* There is a power switch on the helicopter itself. After a couple minutes the helicopter may time out if no control signal is received. Simply power the helicopter off and back on again. 
    6691* The Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter also features a "safety mode" which is triggered whenever the helicopter crashes or the propeller blades are physically interrupted while in motion. To restore flight simply power cycle the helicopter (power off and back on again). 
     93* A blue light appears on the IR dongle when it is activated. If the light does not appear, be certain to check the volume settings for your device. 
     95* A button marked "Test Helicopter" is present in the software interface. Pressing this will cause a test signal to be sent to the Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter. This can be used to verify your device is configured properly. If this feature does not work, the volume level is confirmed at maximum, the IR dongle is firmly inserted into the headphone jack, and all devices are fully charged, please let us know the make and model number of your Android device by [ Contacting Us]