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     2= Puzzlebox Orbit - Instruction Manual: Android = 
     4== Preparing the Puzzlebox Orbit == 
     6* You'll need to charge bother the Orbit helicopter and the infrared dongle using the included USB charging cable. 
     8* Then the IR dongle is plugged into the headphone jack of your Android device. 
     10* Next, turn the volume up all the way. You need to do this after plugging in the headphone adapter. 
     13== Connecting to the !NeuroSky EEG !MindWave Mobile == 
     15* Now you can turn on Bluetooth and pair your NeuroSky Mindwave EEG headset with your device. 
     18== Download the Puzzlebox Orbit software from Google Play == 
     22* Once your EEG headset is paired you can start the Puzzlebox Orbit software from the Google Play store and press "Connect" to start reading your brainwaves. 
     24* There's a green "Signal" bar which needs to fill up complete. It is based off the point of contact on the ear clip of the EEG headset. 
     26* Finally your brainwaves should start appearing as red for Attention and blue for Meditation. 
     28* You should see slider buttons which can be used to adjust your target level. 
     30* When you cross that target level, the signal will be sent to the Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter to take off. 
     32* You'll see a blue light appear on the IR dongle when it is activated. 
     34* There is also a power switch in the helicopter itself.