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Adding Infrared Support for New Mobile Devices

  • Reference hardware: Google Nexus 7 (ASUS version 1)
  • Development hardware: HTC Droid DNA


We have two mobile devices. One has been tested and is proven to correctly operated the Puzzlebox Orbit through the infrared transmitter (the Nexus 7). The other currently does not (HTC Droid DNA). Previous HTC hardware has been successful when operated using the "Invert Signal"

Technique 1 - Using Audacity as an oscilloscope

  • Top: Droid DNA (with advanced control "inverted" enabled)
  • Bottom: Droid DNA (default output)
  1. Three chirps from the initialization sequence followed by a single control frame

  1. Two chirps from the initialization sequence. Upper portion is clearly "inverted" versus default output

  • Top: Nexus 7
  • Bottom: Droid DNA (with advanced control "inverted" enabled)