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Failure to connect EEG Headset in Orbit iOS App

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We received the following support request from a customer:

Hi, i did receive the package today, but it seems like the headset is DOA, i can't get a signal no matter what. Try everything in the FAQ and have tried to connect with both a ipad and a computer.

Please advise

Regards E

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Responded to customer with the following troubleshooting checklist:

Hello E,
Thank you for your note, glad to hear the Orbit arrived, and sorry to hear that the headset is not working.

I have a couple of troubleshooting questions, and if we are not able to resolve the issue, we have an RMA form for returns and will replace the defective headset immediately. This is only the second report we have had of an issue with the headset and I am hopeful that we can resolve your issue. Some of these questions will sound obvious, and I appreciate your support as we work to resolve this concern.

If you don't mind - I would like to post this exchange on our support forum to help other customers who may experience the same issue.

  1. Did you put a fresh AAA battery into the headset?
  1. When you move the power switch on the headset to the "ON" position, does a slowly blinking blue light turn on? If not - Can you try a second battery to make sure that it is receiving power?
  1. When you move the power switch on the headset to the "PAIR" position and hold it in place, does the blue light start to flash in double time?
  1. If a red light appears on the headset, simply turn it completely off, wait a few seconds and try again. Usually the red light appears if the power switch is held in the "PAIR" position for too long.
  1. Once you have the headset with the blue light flashing in doubletime (and I understand that you may not have been able to get this far if you have had any issues on the previous questions) then you can scan for the device through your mobile bluetooth. Currently the Puzzlebox App is only available for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets (we have a PC version that will be coming out soon).

At this stage your mobile device bluetooth should read that it has "paired" with the MindWave? Mobile, but it will not be connected.

  1. The connection occurs through the Puzzlebox Orbit App, when you open the app, go ahead and put on the headset, making sure that the sensor on your forehead is fully touching your skin, and the ear clip is secure to your earlobe, then hit "connect" on the Orbit App. A green bar should light up - to get the bar to 100% connection, try adjusting the ear-clip, or using an alcohol swab to clean the skin under the sensors.
  1. When the green bar is at 100% then the red bar for attention and the blue bar for meditation will appear.

Thank you for your help in identifying the source of the problem with your headset, as I said above, should we determine there is a manufacturers defect, we will send you our RMA form and issue a new headset immediately and will require you to return the defective headset so that we can send it back to the manufacturer.

Warmest regards,
Avary Kent
The team at Puzzlebox

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The customer responded with the following:

Hello again.

First thank for your fast reply.

We can rule out the bluetooth to pc/ipad since the pairing is working correctly.
We did try to use some alcohol to clean the forehead and the earlobe connector but it can still not find any brain ;)

Battery was changed - still no luck

You can of course use our communication on the support forum.



This resembles another support request from Customer L -
"My headset it paired on the iPad settings but it will not "connect" in the app setting. It asks me to pair it but it is?? What do I do?"

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by sc

Would anyone with this problem mind please testing their NeuroSky MindWave Mobile with "Brainwave Visualizer" by "NeuroSky, Inc." in the Apple App Store? The app is free and should help to prove if there is a problem with our software or if there is a problem with the headset hardware.

We didn't hear of this issue before our latest update and have had a couple reports recently so we'd like to isolate the problem as much as possible.


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The correct solution as reported back by the user was to tell iOS to "forget" the MindWave? Mobile device and to repair Bluetooth.

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