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Lag experienced when adjusting Pitch and Yaw in Advanced settings

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1) There seems to be 3-4 seconds lag between what the app is doing and what the helicopter is doing. Is this normal or is there a fix?

2) Lag is making any control of pitch and yaw impossible - is this usually the case?

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NeuroSky's algorithms (for both attention and meditation) are based on a rolling 5-second average, with calculations made once per second. So there can indeed be a lag of up to 5 seconds from the time you begin concentrating and the display on the app responds.

Once the app has responded however, everything that happens within the software and interface is on our end, up until we issue a new control signal to the infrared transmitter (via the audio port). If you are manipulating the yaw and pitch controls and seeing a delay that's after the NeuroSky? side.

Now there is again a lag between the time the signal changes (or especially when it stops and starts) and how quickly the helicopter actually responds,

There's an easy way to test this. Go back to Google Play and grab a copy of "i-Helicopter":

...when you launch it you'll be presented with four different helicopter models. The one on the bottom left should match the Puzzlebox Orbit as they both share parts. This app is a straight-up touchscreen based remote control for IR helicopters, and in fact is what we used for reverse-engineering our control signals. So the response time you get with this app should be the maximum possible. I don't think you'll see a 3-4 second lag.

Incidentally, we intend to implement the same control style in our app: Manual Control

All that said, our engineer in China (Hao), who wrote our code for generating the control signal, did said something to the effect that the code does not update in realtime. I would have to go back and verify but it sounds like this might be the cause of your lag, and therefore a bug.

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