The current charge state of the battery in the Puzzlebox Orbit has an impact on flight characteristics. An Orbit which is 100% fully charged will fly higher faster at the same "Throttle" setting as one which is only 50% charged. Therefore several Orbit helicopters should be charged, and set to fly at the same throttle level. If fully charged they should all fly up to the ceiling. The amount of time it takes them to begin to descend should be recorded and averaged across helicopters.

Once measurements are available of the average between models, then the software should be updated with an optional "Battery Discharge Compensation" feature which will automatically increase the Throttle level over time. This would be most effective for maintain a steady Hover Mode

It would be desirable to track and record user performance across individual sessions by storing their data either locally or in a cloud-based location such as Dropbox,, or Google Drive. The feature should be implemented along the lines of Puzzlebox Jigsaw, permitting the storage of the original raw EEG data as well as export CSV files of Attention and Meditation levels over a period of time. Target levels should also be recorded along with periods of successful flight. Finally all data should be able to be anonymized, or at least assigned to anonymous profiles in order to preempt privacy concerns.

It should be possible to "tune" the flight of the helicopter to a desired hover state which can be used as a fallback instead of landing the helicopter. A dedicated "Hover" button can be added to the main interface, possibly replacing the "Land" button.

Currently, whenever the Orbit is instructed to land, the throttle is cut completely, causing the helicopter to fall to the ground. A "smooth landing" function should be added which will take into account the current throttle setting, and slowly drop it down to zero over a short period of time. This can be best tested using the "Test Fly" and "Land" buttons in succession.

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