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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#10 uncontrolled behaviour of Orbit Vihang defect critical iOS
#15 Helicopter seems broken ak defect critical Android
#22 Failure to connect EEG Headset in Orbit iOS App defect critical iOS
#1 HTC One X incompatible with Android release 1.0 defect normal Android
#4 HTC Evo 3D issue with Android release 1.0 defect normal Android
#7 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 defect normal Android
#8 Attention bar/helicopter behavior latency defect normal Android
#9 Apple App 1.0 defect normal iOS
#12 Puzzlebox helicopter won't fly. defect normal iOS
#13 Minimizing the app while the copter is running won't shut off the copter defect normal Android
#16 Deeply disappointed in Puzzlebox ak defect normal Android
#19 Puzzlebox Orbit Not Charging defect normal Android
#20 Cannot pair Bluetooth on MindWave Mobile with iPhone ak@… defect normal iOS
#29 Can't append comments to tickets defect normal Android
#30 IR Transmitter Not Transmitting defect normal iOS
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