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#4 fixed HTC Evo 3D issue with Android release 1.0 sc

User reports:

My Puzzlebox Orbit arrived today, with the headset and dongle. I followed all of the instructions. I've come to the conclusion that there is an issue with the signal getting from my HTC Evo 3D phone to my orbit helicopter.

Please note: When I connect it with my husband's Samsung Transform Ultra, it works. Everything is the same in what I did to work with his phone as when I set it up with mine. The volume control is "Media Volume" and it's at high with his, as it is with mine. Here's what I did:

  • I have made sure that it's fully charged and the dongle is fully charged.
  • The headset has a battery, is on, and successfully pairs with the bluetooth on my HTC Evo 3D.
  • All of the available volume controls (Media volume and ringer volume) are turned to the maximum. I don't believe there is any other way to adjust a volume. I checked the manual to make sure.
  • The helicopter is powered on and the blue light is flashing.
  • The Orbit app is installed, and gets a fully green signal line, and the blue and red attention and meditation lines are moving in response to the signals from the headset via the bluetooth.
  • I also tested the headset with other neurosky apps on my HTC, and the headset works with those.
  • I turned everything on and off and rebooted my phone.
  • I clicked Test Helicopter. The blue light on the dongle flashes. The helicopter doesn't move. The blue light in the helicopter continues to flash.
  • Through each time I tested this, and I tried for about an hour and a half, the helicopter never responded in any way other than to flash the blue light when connected to my phone.

Based on these tests, it seems that the helicopter doesn't work with my phone. Is there a patch or something that can be used from my phone?

Please advise me.

Thank you and happy holidays.

#1 fixed HTC One X incompatible with Android release 1.0 sc

User reports:

I have an HTC One-X and am not able to get the IR dongle to work with my phone. I made an IR remote using the guide and am able to control the helicopter that way but when I try using the IR dongle with my phone the copter is unresponsive.

Any advice?

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