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#9 fixed Apple App 1.0 Avaket

The app in both demo and connected to the headset only has intermittent flight response. Using iPad and iPhone5 the app seems to be working fine and then the blue light on the dongle comes on when it should but the Orbit does not always respond. Sometimes it takes off, but most times it doesnt. Both in demo mode as well as when connected with MWM. Everything is fully charged and vlume of headphone is maximum. Is there any adjustment needed to the IR Receiver on the Orbit?

#8 fixed Attention bar/helicopter behavior latency hz

When the red attention bar passes the seek bar, the helicopter won't fly. and when the attention bar haven't reach the seek bar, the helicopter keeps flying.

Device: nexus 7

#7 fixed Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Beege

I previously had the Motorola Droid and couldn't get it working, but have since upgraded to the Note 2 and it still doesn't work, however I'm seeing a different problem on the Note 2. Similar to the person with the problem on the Galaxy S3, I can't get the dongle to light up at all when I plug it in. It lights up on my old Droid, so I know the dongle is working. I've tried all the suggestions on getting it to work, and the Note 2 sees the dongle as headphones that were plugged in, but it never lights up even though the volume is maxed and nothing else is playing. I get the same results in i-helicopter as well.

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