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#13 fixed Minimizing the app while the copter is running won't shut off the copter sc

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#12 fixed Puzzlebox helicopter won't fly. lionscpi

I've charged all components and the app shows a full signal and the hover bar is a go but the helicopter will not budge despite the meditation and attention demands being met. Any suggestions?

Also if you could include an answer to these questions below that should save some time. When the attention or meditation threshold is achieved, is the yellow bar appearing for throttle? And is the blue light blinking on the IR Transmitter?

The yellow hover bar appears upon meditation and attention threshold and the blue light it blinking on the IR transmitter. I've tried the helicopter using the mindwave mobile with a new iPad mini and a new iPad, both the latest version.

#10 fixed uncontrolled behaviour of Orbit Vihang Vihang

The Orbit flies uncontrolled. I see full signal strength from MWM. attention and meditation level are set to 50% level. now some times the orbit takes off at 100% hover level, some times it takes off at 50% and some times it does not take off at all. ( All batteries are fully charged, the headphone volume is set to max ) Even in demo mode many times it does not take off. ( even when the blue light on the IR dongle is glowing steady )

and If I switch off and on again, it instantly takes off.

when it takes off it straight goes up to the ceiling and remains stuck to the ceiling of my room. I just can not get it down. and suddenly it will just stop and drop like a brick.

Also the main rotor moves at a fixed speed, Im not able to control the hover. I mean its either full throttle and goes up to the ceiling or does nothing.

I was told that there are two modes in flying the orbt 1> hover mode 2> fly across room mode

In my orbit it is only hover mode full throttle. and it never moves forward. the small fan on the top which is responsible for forward movement never gets activated. ( not even once, not even in demo mode )

Honestly It is hovering at its best when the batteries are running out and the orbit reaches equilibrium of its lift and weight and it remains steady at one height for a minute or two and then it starts to decent on its own as the battery gets low.

also what is the meaning of flashing blue light. is it simply a flashing light or it means something. is it suppose to be steady once the orbit is binded with IR dongle ???

also how can meditation as well as attention both the signal can be responsible for only going up.

is it so that one is used for going up and one is used for going forward ?

does eye blink do anything ??

my orbit just goes straight up and then crashes down. does nothing else.

Also no instruction came along with the orbit.

Im using iphone 5, with ios 6.1.2 (10B146) all updates are done as on today. My Puzzelbox app version is ios 1.0. puzzelbox and IR dongle batteries are fully charged.

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