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#12 fixed Puzzlebox helicopter won't fly. lionscpi

I've charged all components and the app shows a full signal and the hover bar is a go but the helicopter will not budge despite the meditation and attention demands being met. Any suggestions?

Also if you could include an answer to these questions below that should save some time. When the attention or meditation threshold is achieved, is the yellow bar appearing for throttle? And is the blue light blinking on the IR Transmitter?

The yellow hover bar appears upon meditation and attention threshold and the blue light it blinking on the IR transmitter. I've tried the helicopter using the mindwave mobile with a new iPad mini and a new iPad, both the latest version.

#13 fixed Minimizing the app while the copter is running won't shut off the copter sc

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#15 fixed Helicopter seems broken ak danielscooper

Spun for 1/2 second (after pressing "test flight" button), then stopped for good. Heli blue light comes on, and it's fully charged. Dongle, Android tablet, and Neurosky Mindwave Mobile all seem to be working fine. I've read all the documentation and tried everything I can think of, including use of two different Android tablets (Nexus 7 and Acer Iconia).

How do I get heli replaced / repaired? It's only a couple of months old, so I assume it's under warranty, right?

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