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#19 fixed Puzzlebox Orbit Not Charging sc

An email was received from a customer:

Hey Team Puzzlebox,

I received my Orbit Helicopter about a week ago and I'm sorry to say that it has not been functioning since the day I received it.

Something is wrong with the charging unit of the Helicopter. I am unable to charge it. I am able to plug the charger into the unit but, alas nothing charges. I have attached a photo of an attempt to charge the helicopter. Is that light supposed to turn on when it's charging?

Looking forward to your assistance

#16 fixed Deeply disappointed in Puzzlebox ak danielscooper

I am deeply disappointed in your company. I feel as if I was ripped off, and that your company is so engrossed in pioneering new technology that you are ignoring the most important business obligations – to deliver what you offered and stand behind your products.

I bought an Orbit (I already have two Neurosky Mindwaves and use them regularly). I have tried to use the Orbit with two different Android tablets (Nexus 7 and Acer A100). It won’t work with either, although it DOES work intermittently with the Acer using iHelicopter.

I’ve noticed in the Tracker (hardly an appropriate Customer Service system!) that other customers have reported both these problems – software failures and intermittent hardware failures. It doesn’t appear that most of them (any of them?) have gotten a satisfactory response.

When you take people’s money, don’t you feel an ethical obligation to either give them the experience they were led to expect or to refund their money? I don’t see how your unhappy customers have any choice other than to try to lead a boycott of your company. I hope you understand how we feel. Please fix these severe Customer Service shortcomings!

  1. Cooper
#15 fixed Helicopter seems broken ak danielscooper

Spun for 1/2 second (after pressing "test flight" button), then stopped for good. Heli blue light comes on, and it's fully charged. Dongle, Android tablet, and Neurosky Mindwave Mobile all seem to be working fine. I've read all the documentation and tried everything I can think of, including use of two different Android tablets (Nexus 7 and Acer Iconia).

How do I get heli replaced / repaired? It's only a couple of months old, so I assume it's under warranty, right?

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