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(edit) @f897b6d   6 years sc - setWheel() added [W]
(edit) @3e2ff28   6 years sc 1.4.2 - Servo control added - PWM Pin 7 used by default for servo
(edit) @ed8d11b   6 years sc - Modification date updated
(edit) @7e25c48   6 years sc - fixed left and right manual slide
(edit) @ba86b3f   6 years sc - manualSlide() added - setDefault() added - displaySettings() added
(edit) @65d5c40   6 years sc - parseHop() added
(edit) @0bad654   6 years sc - hopExecute() configured
(edit) @1310f0c   6 years sc - test hop added
(edit) @3345535   6 years sc - executeHop() added
(edit) @df32290   6 years sc - Initial checkin
(edit) @b8dc886   6 years sc - Production version 1.2.1
(edit) @c158e90   6 years sc - version 1.0
(edit) @23b689f   6 years sc - initial checkin
(edit) @08b50b3   6 years sc - enhanced debug output - extended Bluetooth connection period
(edit) @7d2ea4b   6 years sc - default Attention trigger set to 66
(edit) @15db9b1   6 years sc - Production release 1.2
(edit) @c7fb035   6 years sc - setStartScreen() control added to USB Serial mode
(edit) @b770d1d   6 years sc - fixed throttle landing color setting under USB Serial
(edit) @6dc4ee0   6 years sc - All features for version 1.2 release added (QA still required)
(edit) @e704a9e   6 years sc - Bluetooth auto-detection working
(edit) @654b7d4   6 years sc - setColor() added for USB Serial mode - parseColorWheel() added for USB …
(edit) @33c578b   6 years sc - whitespace and comment cleanup
(edit) @faaefd5   6 years sc - Color wheel and flight contols appear to be correct across the board for …
(edit) @124e727   6 years sc - Orbit Channel setting added
(edit) @a0ef241   6 years sc - complete communication of all Orbit setting varials added
(edit) @8dc32b3   6 years sc - receving entire eegPower value as single byte
(edit) @5d7bb94   6 years sc - ADK mode properly triggering Orbit
(edit) @f5452ab   6 years sc - ADK visual processing corrected
(edit) @dbfae54   6 years sc - parseADK() re-enabled
(edit) @77a80d3   6 years sc - Bluetooth and USB modes should be production ready
(edit) @f5d44ec   6 years sc - tighten up main loop
(edit) @b62ab59   6 years sc - Rollback to Bluetooth/USB Serial input modes only
(edit) @85e090e   6 years sc Pyramid.ino: - ADK working version
(edit) @5202e8d   6 years sc - RGB processing in ADK mode
(edit) @f1b827c   6 years sc - ADK processing began
(edit) @94b751c   6 years sc - Will correctly operating in either Bluetooth or USB Serial input modes
(edit) @0b675ba   6 years sc - added parseInputSerial() - split Bluetooth processing out into …
(edit) @240e339   6 years sc - added parseInput() routine to accept commands from serial input
(edit) @a96666e   6 years sc - production release
(edit) @17625c3   6 years sc Puzzlebox Pyramid: - Production release
(edit) @f46f0fc   7 years hao firmware updates, and deleted obsolete files
(add) @fd3931e   7 years sc Initial commit
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