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(edit) @6db346c   8 years sc - Scoring fields added - Tilt Control widgets added Servo
(edit) @53a64a0   8 years sc - Update to Xcode 5.0.1 Servo
(edit) @928c0c3   8 years sc - Production release Servo
(edit) @e6618f3   8 years sc Support: - Removed reference to external CSS which was causing rendering … Servo
(edit) @4f6c02b   8 years sc - Cleanup for iOS 6 Servo
(edit) @60b5ced   8 years sc - Advanced tab layout fixed Servo
(edit) @f1b6f6e   8 years sc - Percentages hidden from from Advanced controls Servo
(edit) @e59da66   8 years sc - tweak to Power setting to light up when either threshold is reached Servo
(edit) @86f2f30   8 years sc - Status images updated with new Orbit images Servo
(edit) @8f73bed   8 years sc - Correct alignment of percentages on Flight tab Servo
(edit) @dad7b78   8 years sc - Added updated Orbit status images Servo
(edit) @0385924   8 years sc - alignment tweak to percentages Servo
(edit) @a97bbc8   8 years sc - better alignment of progress bars and labels Servo
(edit) @7e82e70   8 years sc Alignment fixes to progressViews and sliders Servo
(edit) @9c3d59b   8 years sc - Universal layout for iPhone and iPad Servo
(edit) @37ca4e8   8 years sc - Audio Signal Generation completed by Hao Zhang Servo
(edit) @ac05196   8 years sc - Signal generation updates from Hao Zhang Servo
(edit) @5d87396   8 years sc Support: - Email contact passed to CGI-BIN script ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @4a56cfb   8 years sc Tutorial: - Fonts configured - Droid-Sans added ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @d31bab4   8 years sc Tab Bar: - Custom icons added ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @ba2b6ff   8 years sc UI: - Attention progress bar color set to red - Meditation progress bar … ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @8a0f920f   8 years jonathon Set thresholds when first loaded ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @28bce14   8 years sc - Tweaked storyboard for better alignment of percentages ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @6fc29d0   8 years sc Tutorial: - adding text-based steps ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @40676f8   8 years sc Tutorial: - Landing page cleanup ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @82a1db7   8 years sc Tutorial: - table format added to all pages and stylesheet ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @de10cbc   8 years jonathon Add a test button on flight tab Add a reset button on advanced tab … ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @ce0a7ee   8 years jonathon Port Android AudioService? to iOS Dummy page for tutorial icons for tabs … RawEEGServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @9015b1e   9 years jonathon UI working with headset correctly now. Check Bluetooth enabled and volume … RawEEGServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @ab9d63b   9 years jonathon Initial check in to convert into a 4 tab app with tutorial, flight, … RawEEGServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @a9059a5   9 years sc Arduino: - updated to permit custom setting of Throttle, Yaw, and Pitch … RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @daf54d5   9 years sc - Connect button added to interface - Variable volume level fixed - … RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @66477ef   9 years jonathon Initial checkin of working iOS app RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(add) @dccf843   9 years sc iOS: - initial checkin RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
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