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(edit) @2246ba0   8 years sc - historyAttention array tracking in SignalConverter? Servo
(edit) @16249e0   8 years sc - Updated version numbers - Trimmed debug output - Whitespace and comment … Servo
(edit) @b094d6c   8 years sc - Fine-tuning of Throttle/Yaw/Pitch? thresholds and range of settings - … Servo
(edit) @6db346c   8 years sc - Scoring fields added - Tilt Control widgets added Servo
(edit) @e6618f3   8 years sc Support: - Removed reference to external CSS which was causing rendering … Servo
(edit) @e59da66   8 years sc - tweak to Power setting to light up when either threshold is reached Servo
(edit) @37ca4e8   8 years sc - Audio Signal Generation completed by Hao Zhang Servo
(edit) @c9b9edd   8 years sc iOS: - Signal generation update by Hao Zhang Servo
(edit) @3434fbc   8 years sc Orbit: - Test warning message updated ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @e37a889   8 years sc Orbit: - Operating on WAV sound ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @ad40faa   8 years sc Orbit: - reverted to WAV output ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @89934ea   8 years sc - bug fix for when Attention slider is set to 0 ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @d249b65   8 years sc Orbit: - Signal bar now updating correctly Tutorial: - additional text … ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @ba2b6ff   8 years sc UI: - Attention progress bar color set to red - Meditation progress bar … ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @8a0f920f   8 years jonathon Set thresholds when first loaded ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @7945ecb   8 years jonathon CHange volume detection method ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @359a504   8 years jonathon Add check for headphones being plugged in ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @de10cbc   8 years jonathon Add a test button on flight tab Add a reset button on advanced tab … ServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @ce0a7ee   8 years jonathon Port Android AudioService? to iOS Dummy page for tutorial icons for tabs … RawEEGServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @9015b1e   9 years jonathon UI working with headset correctly now. Check Bluetooth enabled and volume … RawEEGServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(add) @ab9d63b   9 years jonathon Initial check in to convert into a 4 tab app with tutorial, flight, … RawEEGServoTab_Interfacepyramid
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