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(edit) @ca52be2   6 years sc - fix to for moving slider left to cause helicopter to spin left instead … Servo
(edit) @e089694   6 years sc - Throttle only tile control added - Single Screen mode updates for … Servo
(edit) @6b13b7f   6 years sc - Gravity and Accelerometer sensor support replaces TYPE_ORIENTATION - … Servo
(edit) @34f56db   6 years sc - Production release 1.4.5 - layout tweaks to center tilt steering … Servo
(edit) @0997a39   6 years sc - 1.4.5 release Servo
(edit) @f4c851d   6 years sc - advanced layout tweaks to spacing Servo
(edit) @b8d7a54   6 years sc - onClickListener added to Advanced tab Servo
(edit) @8ef81cf   6 years sc - tilt sensor control checkbox added Servo
(edit) @9201730   6 years sc - Suppress deprecation warnings for origintal OrbitActivity? - remove … Servo
(edit) @ef67954   6 years sc - Moved Emotiv fragment to internal repository pending permission from … Servo
(edit) @baab323   6 years sc - renamed FragmentTabFlight? to FragmentTabFlightThinkGear? Servo
(edit) @892074d   6 years sc - shifting OnClickListener? for Connect button to Flight fragment Servo
(edit) @d5fbc16   6 years sc - Cognitiv training GUI elements added Servo
(edit) @490c673   6 years sc orbit emotiv: - "eegDevice" variable added for distinction between EEG … Servo
(edit) @d1b57eb   7 years sc - Set Support tab to be able to scroll when composing a feedback message Servo
(edit) @f3d6504   7 years sc OrbitTabActivity?: - Convertion to tabbed-based interface - merge from … Servopyramid
(edit) @81fb7d8   7 years sc Layout: - default Meditation setting disabled Orbit: - Deprecation … RawEEGServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @e8e1820   7 years sc Orbit: - layout tweaks for Raw EEG display at various resolution devices RawEEGServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @0337b74   7 years sc - eegRawHistoryPlot added RawEEGServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @5c11ea9   7 years sc - moved all USB communications to OrbitUSBActivity - fixed issues when … RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @136014a   7 years sc - updated layouts for small, normal, large, and xlarge displays RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @a546cc3   7 years sc - dynamic UI control for hiding and repositioning elements RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @a86d057   7 years sc - Advanced UI for 1.2 release prepared RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @34ba659   7 years sc - updated interface for 1.2 release - status images added RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @cb6dab1   7 years sc Git rollback to pre-2012.12.19 (version 1.0) RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @948f49a   7 years zhanghaotz test android package DorabotOrbitActivity? RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @85e0208   7 years zhanghaotz Android can now generate fly control command on the fly. With a whole lot … RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @12a6a71   7 years sc - Release version 1.0 RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @e511c74   7 years sc - Log output controlled by "DEBUG" variable in preparation for production … RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @5b7f570   8 years sc - First working version with IR Dongle for HTC One X RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(edit) @1a53973   8 years sc android: - initial release for Instructable (Chapter 2) arduino: - … RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
(add) @3909100   8 years sc Android: - Initial checkin RawEEGRaw_EEG_PlotServoTab_Interfacepyramid
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