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1This script suppose to generate Audio wave to talk to UPRtek's IR dongle and produce IR signal to control helicopter.
2this is an unfinished script, without complete documentation., Puzzlebox LLC
4Released under GPLv2.
61) open terminal;
72) switch to this path;
83) run octave;
94) type these commands:
11for android:
12 flyOrbit(throttleYawPitch(85,78,31,'A'),84354,'ASUS_Ubuntu_441_Flip_auto.wav',44100,400,'Android','flip');
14Parameter explaination:
1585 means throttle level, with a range of [30,127]
1678 means yaw level, with a range of [0,127]
1731 means pitch level, with a range of [0,63]
1884354 is the space between two commands, in samples. Normally you don't need to change it.
19the next parameter is output file name.
2044100 is sampling rate
21400 is how long you want the wav file to be. every 50 will give a 6 second wav file.
22'Android' don't change this.
23'flip' on some android device or PC, if this wav doesn't work for you, then you need to replace 'flip' with 'notF'
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