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1<!DOCTYPE html>
3   <head>
4      <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
5      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
6      <title>Orbit Tutorial</title>
7   </head>
8   <body>
10      <center>
11         <h2>Advanced</h2>
12      </center>
14      <center>
15         <img src="images/tutorial-12-advanced-control_signal.png" width="100%">
16         <b class="label">Control Signal Setings</b>
17      </center>
19      <ul>
20         <li><b>Generate Control Signal</b> This setting determines whether or not the Orbit's control signal is generated on the fly. It is necessary to enable this setting for all steering and several advanced capabilities.</li>
21         <li><b>Invert Control Signal</b> Android devices differ from one another on a hardware level. Certain models are known to use audio chipsets whose output requires adjustment in order to communicate with the Puzzlebox Orbit through the infrared dongle. Enabling this option should be the first thing to try if an Android device fails a "Test Flight".</li>
22      </ul>
24      <a class='prev button' href="step11-4.html">&nbsp;&nbsp; &larr; &nbsp;&nbsp;</a>
25      <a class='contents button' href="contents.html">&nbsp;&nbsp; &uarr; &nbsp;&nbsp;</a>
26      <a class='next button' href="step12-2.html">&nbsp;&nbsp; &rarr; &nbsp;&nbsp;</a>
28   </body>
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