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1<!DOCTYPE html>
3   <head>
4      <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
5      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
6      <title>Orbit Tutorial</title>
7   </head>
8   <body>
10      <center>
11         <h2>Steering</h2>
12      </center>
14      <center>
15         <img src="images/tutorial-10-steering-tilt_sensor.png" width="100%">
16         <b class="label">Steer the Orbit using your device's tilt sensors</b>
17      </center>
19      <ul>
20         <li>While it is possible to steer an Orbit helicopter using brainwaves via EEG, this requires advanced hardware with multiple electrodes, whereas the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile only has a single channel</li>
21         <li>As an alternative it is also possible to steer the Orbit while in flight by using tilt sensors found in many mobile devices.</li>
22         <li>It is recommended to use focused concentration or meditation to achieve hovering, then steer using this feature</li>
23         <li><b>Tilt Sensor Control</b> Enable this setting to use your devices's gravity sensor, accelerometer, or compass to steer the Orbit helicopter while in flight. Tilting forward and backward will adjust Pitch, while tilting left and right will adjust Yaw.</li>
24         <li><b>Adjust Throttle Only</b> This setting will disable Pitch and Yaw control in favor of adjusting the Orbit's height while in flight.</li>
25         <li>If the Yaw and Pitch are moving wildly, simply unclick "Tilt Sensor Control" and choose a preset (such as the "Hover" button). Try placing the device on a flat surface before re-enabling Tilt Control</li>
26      </ul>
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32   </body>
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