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Puzzled by Synapse
06-16-2013, 09:53 AM,
Puzzled by Synapse
I have just downloaded Puzzlebox Synapse for use with the Mindset headset. I do not believe I am getting true measures of EEG activity for the following reasons.
1. Levels of activity of EEG signals (green bars) are very stable
2. Contact quality does not change even when I take off the headset.
3. no readings in the eSense categories (attention, meditation)
4. no readings in the EEG waves or charts tabs
5. zero packets received under the control panel tab.

The headset is "on" and I have chosen the NeuroSky MindSet hardware from the dropdown menu.
I have adjusted the hardware address to be consistent with the port used when setting up the Bluetooth connection (COM10) and I am getting the message "connected."

I have done nothing with the Server Daemon settings, and perhaps this is my mistake. I have an asterisk (*) in the Host field and Port 13854 which I have not touched.

Suggestions/advice that help me complete the installation are greatly appreciated!

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