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New orbit not hovering
01-15-2014, 07:30 PM,
RE: New orbit not hovering
(01-15-2014, 05:21 AM)taram Wrote: I'm having the same problems except that mine won't go up. Unless I fling it at the ceiling, it drops to the ground immediately on takeoff, rather than hover, and speeds around the floor smashing into things. As it bounces off everything, trying to give it right/left instructions is near impossible as the position changes too quickly for myself or the program to respond (given there is up to 5 second lag).

It sounds like the default throttle setting is a little too low for your Orbit.

Try the following:
  • Power the Orbit off
  • Lay your phone or tablet on a flat surface, such as a table
  • Head over to the Advanced Options tab
  • Check off "Tilt Sensor Control"
  • Check off "Adjust Throttle Only"
  • Hit the "Hover" button to reset Yaw and Pitch
  • Go back to the Flight tab and hit "Test Flight"
  • Turn the Orbit back on, and hold it in your hand (it should start trying to fly)
  • Change back to the Advanced Options tab again and pick up your device

At this point you should notice that tilting the mobile device forward and backward cause the Throttle slider to move. Tilt it all the way forward and the Orbit's propellers should stop entirely. As you tilt it backwards you should hear the motors get louder.

Tilt your device all the way forward so the propellers stop. Place the Orbit on a flat surface, such as the floor or a table. Very slowly, start tilting your device back up. You should be able to find the exact spot between where it starts spinning and where it stops. A little past that is the point where it will take off.

If you experiment you should be able to find a point where the Orbit hovers, or at least falls very slowly. You can then throw it up in the air and bounce it on your flat palm.

Once you find this "sweet spot" turn off "Tilt Sensor Control" and hit "Land" back on the Flight tab. Your Orbit should be ready to go and will return to that setting when you use brain control.

Of course you can also just move the Throttle slider back and forth using your finger! But sometimes its easier to get a sense of the range of motion just by waving the device in your hand.

I hope that makes a bit of sense and helps with your Orbit. If not please let us know! No doubt we can find some solutions for you which can hopefully help others too.

(01-15-2014, 05:21 AM)taram Wrote: It would be incredibly helpful to have a detailed video or manual on one successful test flight, for example the sequences of buttons for a successful hover, square the room and then land. Once they practice the basics, users would quickly figure out how to modify and expand on their knowledge.

This is a very good idea!

We've been a bit overdue with new tutorial videos. There is one for getting all set up on our Instructions page:

...but it needs to be updated to match the new interface features.

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