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Mind Controlled Mobility Scooter
08-21-2013, 07:00 PM,
RE: Mind Controlled Mobility Scooter
Thank you for the reply!

A lot of useful information here. I still have a few questions.

Quote:If on the other hand all you want to do is be able to change which direction you are driving, you will find support for the "Blink" algorithm which uses EMG (not EEG) to switch between directional inputs. So in other words, you can use attention as a throttle (speed) control - the more focused the faster your scooter drivers, with 1-2 blinks as a brake and 3 blinks in a row to cycle between forward, left, and right.

Is it possible to do that with only Puzzlebox Synapse and Puzzlebox Brainstorms? I know I can drive forward with Puzzlebox Brainstorms with the tresholds alterable in puzzlebox_brainstorms_configuration but not how to switch direction by blinking. I presume it is in Robotics tab with Blink Detection and Send Messages with RC Car, am I right? I have read the documentations on your website and there is nothing about these 2 fonctions.

Is Puzzlebox Synapse working with Windows 8 64 bit? I could not connect my Neurosky Mindwave Mobile to Puzzlebox Synapse (usually it is on the Outgoing port) while I tried it on a Windows 7 32 bits and everything was working perfectly.

"sc" I guess you are Steve Castellotti, the founder of Puzzlebox. As I am a student, I need to write a report for my project. Can I take screenshots of your softwares for my report? Should I reference them?


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