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Top Rotor, Flight Testing, and Spare Parts
07-10-2013, 12:04 AM,
Top Rotor, Flight Testing, and Spare Parts
Question received via email from user Rui:

Finally a couple of issues with my Orbit:

-The tail rotor (small rotor on top of the orbit cage) doesn't seem to work, at least while using the iOS version of the software. is there anything I should test or check to make sure it's not faulty?

-The android app running on my Nexus S with android 4.1.2 barely works. I can get the Orbit to fly using the "Test" feature sometimes (3 out of 10 attempts), but it wont respond to any of the other features (throttle, yaw, pitch, etc.). Also it never took off without hitting "Test". On my ipad mini it works great (except for that tail rotor issue).

-Where can I get spare/replacement parts for my Orbit (propeller blades, screws, etc.)? I've noticed it's quite frail, since I was able to break a propeller blade on my first 2h of fun due to an unforseen collision with the kitchen table. If I keep this up I'll need some more spares in future...

Well, that's about it for now. So, I'll be waiting to hear from you guys and I thank you in advance for the time taken with this email.

Best Regards,


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