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Orbit + Mindwave + Brainstorms
07-09-2013, 11:59 PM,
Orbit + Mindwave + Brainstorms
Question received via email from user Rui:

Hi puzzlebox!

First I'd like to say that the orbit+mindwave+brainstorm combo is the ultimate plaything for geeks and engineers alike! So, congratulations and keep the cool things coming, you have a fan/customer right here!

Now, about the reason for this contact, I've bought an orbit+mindwave kit for fun and to do some tinkering. I was trying out your brainstorm software and I had some issues with it:

-Lego Mindstorms mode works (I can see brainwave readings on the UI, stuff communicates, etc.)

-R/C Helicopter mode does not work (no brainwave readings, can't connect to heli, etc.). I only tested with the Orbit.

So, my questions are:

-Can one use the Mindwave mobile headset with your brainstorm software to control R/C Helicopters?

-Can one control the Orbit helicopter from the brainstorm software?

-In case the last answer is 'Yes', can you point me to some tutorial or user guide for dummies where I can set up my Orbit on the Brainstorm?

-In case the answer is a 'No', is that due to a "hardware" issue (the Orbit is too basic for that) or a matter of software Roadmap (no time to implement that yet on your end)?

-Can one expect a Orbit "control" application (similar to the mobile app) for Win/OSX sometime in the future?

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