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work under windows - chaos - 05-01-2015

after connection windows program begins to receive many packets (thousands in seconds) and stop responding after 3 - 45 seconds
trying w7 x32 and w10 x64

under android all works

RE: work under windows - chaos - 05-03-2015

nothing to say?
i think its support, am i wrong?

RE: work under windows - muri_16 - 06-25-2015

Hi, I recently download the PuzzleBox Orbit Sofware and its ver useful to use it with the Neurosky Mondwave. My question is when I export the results to an cvs. format, I have doubt in the Detha, Alpha and rest waves numbers, I mean what are their measures, this number are represented in Microvoltz or in Hertz or what?

Im sorry if the question aint so smart, but Im new in this kind of subjects. So I will appreciate any response from you if you are familiar with this doubt I have. Thanks, best regards!