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Hacking Guide: Brain-Controlled Wheelchair

Puzzlebox Robotics


The 0.4.5 release of Puzzlebox Brainstorms has added support for the Action Arrow Storm series of electric wheelchairs as documented in this write-up for in coordination with Jake “jerky” Walters and the rest of the crew at the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco.


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Here is a video is available in which a volunteer demonstrates the new support for Wheelchair control through Puzzlebox Brainstorms 0.4.5 by driving one around the city streets of San Franciso’s “The Mission” district:

The guide will show how to make a Brain-Controlled Electric Wheelchair, so that a person can become mobile without moving their body. This could be useful for people who are paralysed, and are unable to control parts of their body enough to physically activate the joystick of an electric wheelchair.  Many people may be able to use this technlogy to gain some independence, and to take a break from needing an attendant to push their wheelchair so they can get some fresh air.


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