NeuroSky MindSet EEG Control

Install and Run NeuroSky ThinkGear Connector

  • The ThinkGear Connector socket server should be included with your NeuroSky MindSet
  • The ThinkGear Connector software can also be downloaded as part of the MindSet developer tools from the NeuroSky website

Connect Puzzlebox Brainstorms to the ThinkGear Connector

  • Launch the Puzzlebox Brainstorms client interface

  • By default the ThinkGear Connector socket server will run on the localhost IP address on port 13854. If connecting to a ThinkGear Connector socket server running on another host or port this can be changed Puzzlebox Brainstorms client interface
  • Press the Connect button to establish a link to the server

Controlling Puzzlebox Brainstorms via EEG

  • Once connected to the ThinkGear Connector socket server, Concentration and Relaxation levels will be reported in the Puzzlebox Brainstorms interface

  • The thresholds for Concentration and Relaxation detection levels are set in the file "puzzlebox_brainstorms_configuration.ini" under the "THINKGEAR_POWER_THRESHOLDS" entry. By default, when Concentration reaches 40% the power settings for driving forward will be set to 60%. Concentration in the 90%-100% range will max out power at 90%. Relaxation is set to give a "speed boost" for levels detected above 50%.

Debugging ThinkGear Connect settings

  • To see the raw data being transmitted by the ThinkGear Connect socket server, run the "Puzzlebox ThinkGear Connect Client"

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