How to run from source under Windows

Download and Install Required Software

Note: This section will be automated in a future release of Puzzlebox Brainstorms

c:\Python25\scripts\easy_install.exe --always-unzip jaraco.nxt


c:\Python26\scripts\easy_install.exe --always-unzip jaraco.nxt


c:\Python25\scripts\easy_install.exe --always-unzip simplejson


c:\Python26\scripts\easy_install.exe --always-unzip simplejson


Add Python to system Path

  1. Select "System" from Control Panel (it may be necessary to switch to "Classic View")
  1. Select "Advanced" tab from System Properties window
  1. Click "Environment Variables" button
  1. Under "System variables" select "Path" and click the "Edit" button
  1. Add "C:\Python25;" (or "C:\Python26;" or similar) to the beginning of the "Variable value" text entry field

LEGO Mindstorms Remote Control Setup

Running the Software

  1. Load the server and client components, by double-clicking "" or running "python" from the command line:
    • You should see a message such as the following:

--> [Server] Initializing server on :8194

  1. See HowToUseClientInterface

Control Via EEG Headset

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