How to Install Puzzlebox Brainstorms for Windows

This document reviews how to set up Puzzlebox Brainstorms for a Windows environment.

For new users of the software it is recommended to first configure control of the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robot over Bluetooth using the onscreen graphical user interface (GUI). Once this connection has been confirmed it is much easier to transfer control over to the EEG hardware.

LEGO Mindstorms Remote Control Setup

Puzzlebox Brainstorms Setup

Download and Install Puzzlebox Brainstorms

  1. Download the executable Windows Installer setup file (exe) for Puzzlebox Brainstorms (Download Here)
  1. Start the installation program and agree to the license (or cancel the install)

  1. Select the directory where Puzzlebox Brainstorms should be installed

  1. When installation is complete a shortcut will be added to the desktop and Programs menu

  1. It will likely be necessary to edit the software configuration to use the correct COM port for communicating with the LEGO Mindstorms NXT device. To do this select "Edit Puzzlebox Brainstorms Configuration"

  1. Enter the COM port to match the Outgoing COM port for the NXT device

  1. Launch the Puzzlebox Brainstorms application and if presented with a Windows Security Alert be certain to click the "Unblock" button

Running the Program

Installing and Running from Source under Windows

Control Via EEG Headset

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