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A physical reflection of your growing mind and body

The Puzzlebox Bloom is designed to help you learn mental relaxation through meditation and/or practice concentration skills as measured by an EEG headset. Colors change during active use to reflect your progress, and the flower slowly opens as you approach your goals. Position your Puzzlebox Bloom on your desk, in your kitchen, or on the nightstand – wherever you feel it will best remind you to keep up your routine!

Maker Edition: Build Your Own Bloom Today!

For the robotics enthusiast, the Puzzlebox Store features a vareity of ready-to-assemble kits for every skill level:

  • Novice: Includes all necessary parts for building a Puzzlebox Bloom. No 3D printing or soldering required.
  • Intermediate: includes all electronic components for building a Puzzlebox Bloom, no soldering needed. 3D printing of parts is required (not included).
  • Expert: Includes all parts necessary for soldering and assembling a Puzzlebox Bloom. 3D printing of parts is required (not included).

A complete assembly guide is available here on the Puzzlebox website.

Open Source Roots

The Puzzlebox Bloom is an independent effort based on Emmett Lalish‘s open source “lamp” design, which has been heavily modified and extended to integrate a servo motor, Bluetooth LE micro-controller, and multi-colored RGB lighting. All source code to the mobile apps, 3D models, hardware designs, circuit boards, firmware, etc. has been published freely under open licenses.

This design was in turn inspired by Patrick Jouin’s beautiful table lamp (which itself was “inspired by both the One_Shot.MGX stool and flower blossoms found in nature”) and we are proud to pay hommage to these talented artists and engineers.

Note: Emmett is not related in any way to Puzzlebox and we only mention his name to grant him proper credit for his work. Many of his amazing 3D designs are published freely under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license on Thingaverse.

Bloom OpenSCAD

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