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Puzzlebox Bloom at CES  2015

Puzzlebox Bloom Premiere at CES 2015

Puzzlebox would like to thank AppNation for hosting us as part of their Startup Garage at CES 2015. We had a blast demonstrating the Bloom to attendees and the press! Click here to read more about the Puzzlebox Bloom

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NeuroGaming Conference “Full Play” panel features Puzzlebox

Official Summary: “How are developers using next generation neurosensors in conjunction with other immersive technologies to make new forms of game play possible. This expert panel will share their experiences designing and developing with a wide variety of neurosensing technologies and discuss ways that these could be integrated with other gaming technologies such as eye […]

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Puzzlebox presents to the Sandbox Summit @ MIT

Puzzlebox is honored to have had the opportunity to speak at the Sandbox Summit at MIT. The conference was focused on delving into the “purposeful designs that power playful learning.” The entire presentation can viewed online at the link below.

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Newsletter: February 2014

  The Puzzlebox Newsletter Updates from the makers of brain-controlled devices for minds of all kinds A Year in Orbit It has certainly been an adventure! We would like to thank all of our staff and backers, contributors and customers, and everyone curious encountered along the way for their continued interest and support after what […]

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Emotiv support added for Puzzlebox Orbit

Beyond the Emotiv EPOC support available under Puzzlebox Orbit for Workstations we also recently produced an advanced beta release of Emotiv support for Android, and can happily announce we have already achieved compatibility with the upcoming Emotiv Insight.Public demonstrations have been conducted at the Emotiv Holidays are Insight Party and this past weekend’s Designathon at Pivotal Labs.

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Orbit for Workstations: Flight Control

Puzzlebox Orbit for Workstations released for PC, Mac, and Linux

Puzzlebox Orbit for Workstations has been officially released to the public for the first time.This new application can connect with EEG headsets from NeuroSky, Emotiv, and any research-grade EEG supported by BCI2000. We are expecting to integrate with OpenViBE , OpenBCI, and additional consumer-grade EEG headsets as they become available throughout the year. Live data streams can now be recorded and saved or […]

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Hacking Guide: Infrared Protocols and Digital Oscilloscopes

In our efforts to continue creating original educational material we have started publishing guides detailing the engineering tools and methods used to add Puzzlebox Orbit support to new mobile devices and computers. The information is rather technical in nature, but basic concepts can be understood by the lay person. Part One – Using Audacity to […]

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Tilt Steering released for Puzzlebox Orbit

We are often asked if it is possible to steer the Puzzlebox Orbit. The answer of course depends on precisely what is meant by the questioner. The helicopter itself can fly in any direction.Usually what they want to know is whether the Orbit helicopter can be steered around in the air using the mind alone. […]

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